About the Study

The Globeville, Elyira, and Swansea (GES) Community Health Study is a comprehensive study assessing the impact of the environment on the health and wellbeing of GES residents. This study was created as a result of the Sierra Club et al. v. Chao et al. settlement agreement concerning the Central I-70 project through the GES community.

What is Included?

Priority research areas were based on community concerns, previous reports, and research team expertise.

Environmental quality

Health outcomes

Health effects we are studying include:

What data are we using?

Community members involved in designing the study expressed how they feel over-studied due to the numerous other studies conducted in the neighborhood. Recognizing this impact, this study is using previously collected data. We will not be collecting any new environmental or health data.

What Does the Study Hope to Accomplish?

This study aims to create products that are meaningful, relevant, address community needs, and create a complete story of environmental exposures, health outcomes, and lived experience of GES residents. To accomplish this, community input is included in planning study outcomes and in creating study products. Planned activities include:

Study Timeline

The Health Study is expected to take 3 years and is split into two phases. 


March 2022 - February 2023


March 2023 - February 2025

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