Here you can learn about the health and environment of GES and find resources created though the Health Study.

Contract deliverables can be found on the Products page.

Neighborhood In Numbers

The Neighborhood In Numbers presentation provides an overview of who lives in GES (demographics) compared to Denver, estimates for select health outcomes in GES compared to Denver, and data about tree equity in GES and Denver.

9_6_22 Neighborhood in Numbers_Web.pptx

Noise Workshop

The Noise Workshop presentation provides an introduction to noise, how it is measured, health effects, and how you can measure noise easily using your phone.

CDOT Noise Workshop_Web

Intro to Air Pollution

The Intro to Air Pollution presentation covers the six criteria air pollutants and how to check and make decisions based on the air quality where you are. 

Intro to Air Pollution_web.pptx

Odors in GES

Odors are a big concern in GES. The Odors in GES presentation from the Denver Department of Public Health and Environment explains common sources in GES, what you can do to report an odor, and what happens after you call 311. 

Odor presentation in Spanish.


Soil and Superfund Sites

The Soils and Superfund presentation was given by the Denver Department of Public Health and Environment at a community meeting and addresses questions about the cause of contamination, what was done to fix the contamination, and what the current state of soil in GES is.

DDPHE_Superfund_Presentation_Sept 2023.pdf