Who we are

The GES Health study is comprised of three groups: 


(Estudio de Nuestros Vecinos para Investigar los RiesgOs y Nuestra Salud)

The ENVIRONS research team is based out of Colorado State University in Fort Collins, CO and is responsible for conducting the health study. ENVIRONS can answer questions about the health study.

Email: geshealthstudy@gmail.com

Dr. Sheryl Magzamen

Principal Investigator

Dr. Sheena Martenies


Beth Lunsford

Environmental Epidemiologist

Marshall Thomas

Project Manager

Anna Kenyon

Graduate Research Assistant

Rocio Monroy-Tello

Technical Advisor

Community Council

The Community Council (CC) is a group of six GES resident collaborators part of the research team that act as community representatives and liaisons. The Community Council can answer questions about the Community Council’s role in the study and membership.

Email: ges.commcouncil@gmail.com 

Maria de Santiago

Swansea Resident

Ana Varela

Elyria Resident

Dolores Alfaro

Elyria Resident

Nancy Santos

Swansea Resident

Rebecca Trujillo

Globeville Resident

Sandra Ruiz Parilla

Globeville Resident

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee (SC) are stewards of the settlement agreement to ensure it is carried out appropriately, including through the approval of work plans, invoices, and deliverables, following procedures set forth in the guidance document. The Steering Committee can answer questions about the settlement agreement.

 Email: geshealth.steercomm@gmail.com 

Dr. Melinda Laituri

Independent Member

Aracely Navarro

Petitioner's Representative

Lubna Ahmed

CDPHE Representative

Dr. Rose Ediger

City and County of Denver Representative