The contract specifies products that the ENVIRONS team must create as part of the study. These products can be found on this page.

Educational materials, such as presentation slides and fact sheets, can be found on the Education page.

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Phase I - Planning and Foundations (March 2022 - February 2023)

ENVIRONS Questionnaires

April 2022

After participating in a tour of the GES neighborhoods, each ENVIRONS team member completed a questionnaire prepared by the Community Council. In addition to individual responses, a summary for the team was created.

Read the questionnaires.

Read the cover letter.

Shared Operational Principles

June 2022

The Community Council, ENVIRONS, and Steering Committee identified roles and define shared values, motivations, expectations, and limitations for the study.

Read the Shared Operational Principles.

Read the cover letter.

Community Engagement Plan

August 2022

The Community Engagement plan was developed with the Community Council and Steering Committee. It defines how ENVIRONS will communicate with the Community Council and the Steering Committee, and outlines strategies for communicating with residents, soliciting community input, and maintaining transparency.

Read the Community Engagement Plan.

Read the cover letter.

Preliminary Data Identification and Narrative

October 2022

ENVIRONS identified sources of data, literature, and on-going projects that will be used in Phase II. As part of this, ENVIRONS reviewed the crowd sourced literature review curated by the Steering Committee prior to ENVIRONS coming onto the study.

Read the Narrative in English or Spanish.

Read the response to public comment.

Read the cover letter.

Course Correction Plan

February 2023 

ENVIRONS worked with the Community Council and Steering Committee to create a course correction plan. This plan ensures that the study is headed in the right direction for Phase II.

Read the Course Correction Plan in English, or in Spanish.

Project Website and Dynamic Maps

You're here! The website is available in English and Spanish, and maps are available on the Maps page.

Phase II - Analysis (March 2023 - February 2025)

Data Rubric and Existing Source Evaluation

August 2023

ENVIRONS created a rubric to evaluate the quality of literature and data, then applied this rubric to the sources of information identified in the crowd-sourced literature folder or in the Preliminary Data Identification and Narrative.

Read the Data and Literature Evaluation, or in Spanish.